GRIZZ Pro Staff Team

Meet the pros that rely on GRIZZ targets to hone their craft.
  • Jason Riep

    If you are in need of a target that will last you a lifetime, look at GRIZZ Targets & Archery targets. Whether it's for a backstop for tuning, or putting in some reps, they last forever! I have thousands and thousands of shots into mine, and still have never had a pass through. Shoot all 6 sides and it keeps going!

  • Terrance Needham

    GRIZZ Targets & Archery is great because you can take it with you almost everywhere. With the option to get multiple different sizes, choice of different target faces, and the ability to shoot at all sides of the target makes it more durable. I found this out last year because I shot it all summer, all day, every day, and I'm still using it. I would totally recommend GRIZZ Targets & Archery if you need a really good, portable and durable target.

  • Meagan Adam

    GRIZZ Targets are by far the best targets I’ve used. These targets are very durable and long lasting! You can shoot broadheads or field points into their targets, and they still look brand new.
    Easy to load, set up, and makes arrows easy to pull! I highly recommend getting a few of these for your season!

  • Kyle Sinclair Smith

    I have been torturing my GRIZZ 48X48X16 field point target and my 18x18x18 Legend Broadhead target for 3 years now with out a single pass though. These targets reside at our ranch where we conduct our archery outfitting operations, so they see higher than normal consumer use. The 48X48 offers the size to have fun and shoot from 100 yards, but also has replacement cores in four different areas for when you eventually shoot it out. The Legend Broadhead target has been punished with multiple expendable's, fixed blade and hybrid broadheads from the start of each summer right though the end of the season. After seeing the performance of these targets, I won't trust any other target for my personal use or our outfitting operation.

  • Jordan Harrop

    My name is Jordan Harrop, and I have been completely obsessed with archery for nearly a decade now. I'm a bigger guy who tends to shoot heavy weight and heavy arrows, and I used to go through targets like they were going out of style. That is, until I found GRIZZ. These are the only targets I can truly get the most of my practice session. Every other target brand I used to shoot, I'd burn so much energy simply pulling arrows because they would bury so deep. Not GRIZZ. They pull like a dream and stop the heaviest and fastest combos I come up with. Not to mention they are very light weight. After switching to GRIZZ I have had to purchase significantly less targets than I otherwise would have because their lifespan is like none other. Not to mention the boys at GRIZZ are fantastic to deal with. A top-notch archery company all the way around.

  • Kyle Boody

    I’ve been shooting GRIZZ targets about 8 years now, and I didn’t think it was possible but they have continued to improve in design and quality! Extremely long lasting and durable, super easy to pull arrows, lightweight, and awesome designs for the face of the targets. I have one of the original GRIZZ targets and it’s still stopping arrows after taking a beating for over 8 years! I’ve been doing archery for 20 years and have shot a lot of different brands of targets but nothing compares to GRIZZ!

  • Silas Skinner

    I am young guy who shoots a lot of arrows. I always struggled pulling arrows out of targets until we came across GRIZZ Targets. They are the easiest pulling target I have ever used and built to take the high number of arrows I shoot! Dad is happy he can get back to shooting and not having to pull arrows all night!

  • Austin Fuchko

    Austin’s passion for archery started at a young age with hunting and joining Bergen 4H archery as a cleaver kid. He now enjoys attending multiple shoots around Alberta and helping the younger kids in the 4H club.